Technical Skills

Auto CAD

Stephen is experienced in technical drawing on computer using Auto CAD, he learned this skill while working as an architects technician in his local council office before starting in the media industry, he has been using this skill for over twenty years to draw plans of sets as well as setting plans for CDM information.

Hand Drawn Plans

Stephen has the ability to draw by hand on a technical drawing board if needed, as technology advances the need for drawing by hand is getting less and less however its always a good way to complete the drawing with specific detail and notation as well as shading and measurements.

Graphic Design

Stephen has had the chance to design many graphics during his career and has designed various logos such as the 'Class' logo shown in the images below, he is competent in photoshop as well as sketchup for digital 3D models.

Health & Safety Courses

Training and Mentoring

Stephen has trained as a verified trainer and has been training art departments in the Safe Design and Set Construction courses over the past seven years while being at the BBC; He has also trained as a mentor and has mentored many BBC art department apprentices and trainees while working as a Supervising Art Director and a Studio Manager.

Other Skills

Experienced in Visual Effects and Computer Generated Imagery 

Draughtsmanship Skills, practical and Computer Aided Design 

P.C. Literate (Adobe Photoshop CS2, Microsoft office etc.) 

Art Department Budgeting and Scheduling 

Fluent in Welsh (Language & Written work) 

Art Department Management

Full Motorcycle License

Full Driver’s License

Qualified Craftsman

H&S Courses

Safe Management of Events – expires 2020 BBC Fair Trading BBC

Design Risk Management Part 1 and 2 BBC Data Protection BBC

Safe design and Set Construction BBC Mentoring Workshop BBC

Data Protection and Cyber Security BBC Production Safety BBC

Construction Design Management (CDM) BBC Anti-bribery BBC

Asbestos Awareness Course BBC Working with Children BBC

Train the Trainer Course BBC

Working with Children BBC

Mentoring Workshop BBC

Production Safety BBC

Data Protection BBC

Fair Trading BBC

Anti-bribery BBC

Countries Worked In

Africa, Croatia, Dubai, Isle of Man, Ireland, Romania, UK, South Africa, United Emirates, USA